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(PSI Basic Grade, IACP)

CBT Psychotherapy – Reborn Clinic

Welcome on a psychotherapy journey that you had courage to take!

   ACCEPTING ONLY FOR CBT Psychotherapy ONLINE  or WALK and TALK at the moment.  Please contact me by email, text or what’s app as I can be unable to pick up the phone due to workload.

   Welcome on my website for CBT Psychotherapy and Counselling. Nice to meet you through the words you are going to read here :-). As I assume you are here to find a professional help and that step requires an applause. I can already point to your resourcefulness. Taking your health – both physical and mental – into your own hands is one of the most important parts contributing to achieving improvements, the other part is finding a right companion that will guide and support you along the way.  Therefore, I will be very detailed in my introduction of myself so you can make sure that my approach and professional journey fits your needs.  In my practise sometimes I meet people who come to therapy with one idea of how therapy works so I just want to make sure that you will get enough information to make the best choice for your journey. Let’s start it.

   My journey to become Psychotherapist and Psychologist started much before my educational journey. Since I remember I was vividly curious about human’s mind, behaviour, emotions and ways of thinking, mine included. I also was prone towards helping people (and other living organisms), supporting them, alleviating their suffering and till this day this need is strong. However, in order to do it safely and effectively I needed education and science was one of my passions. Through evidence based knowledge I could shape my understanding, challenge my assumptions and become a professional with a clearer vision. My educational journey started with BA (Hons) in Psychology and followed with MSc in Applied Psychology (1st. Hon.) not long after that. I became a Psychologist and gained a membership of PSI. In the meantime, I also qualified as Psychotherapist through attending BA (Hons) in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling and Prof. Dip. in Psych. and Couns. Here again, I became fully accredited member of IACP and got fully insured. My private practise has been opened after years of training under professional eyes during my education in Dublin, Ireland. In the meantime, I regularly attend additional trainings to expand my knowledge and I monitor new research/ findings regarding my field. I attend regular supervision to bounce off my approach and knowledge from more experienced professional.

   In terms of my practise and development of my skills I was a part of the volunteer team of counsellors in Dublin Simon Community for more than 4 years where I had an opportunity and a privilege to become an emotional and psychological support to vulnerable and/or marginalized people. I gained an experience of working with co-occurring disorders and various issues during that time which prepared me for an application of a flexible approach suited for diverse needs of an individual. I was awarded with Sunshine Personality Award in 2019 by DSC that holds a special place close to my heart. My other recognition had been awarded by What Clinic website for Customer Service 2019, 2020, 2021 &2022 making me feel inspired and appreciative. I was also very happy to learn that I have been listed as one of the best psychotherapy services in Dublin, Ireland by bestinireland website. I am humbled by those recognitions and motivated more to deliver the best service I can. 

   Now I would like to bring to your knowledge areas of my expertise so you can check for yourself if you are on the right track :-).

  There are few focus areas that became a part of my interest and expertise. The first one includes anxiety/panic attacks, depression/mood disorders, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, phobias and trauma. Those conditions are very prevalent across the societies and numbers of those who struggle with those issues increase rapidly. 

   The second area of my expertise relates to rare, challenging and/or understudied mental disorders such as personality disorders particularly borderline and antisocial disorder (DBT, CBT Psychotherapy), misophonia (certified by Misophonia Institute), hyperacusis (reduced tolerance to sound), tinnitus distress (treatment with CBT Psychotherapy) or trichotillomania and other body-focused repetitive behaviours (trained by The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours). Through my practise I learnt that knowledge and help in these areas are very limited which made me more motivated to became knowledgeable in them to be at least some help to those in need. 

  And finally, the third area of my professional focus is placed around attachment (Schema Therapy, CBT) and related to it issues such as self esteem, shame, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, grief, anger management, procrastination and other. I also completed ASIST Suicide Prevention Training so I can be prepared to assist you in the most dark moments when necessary.

   My personal therapeutic style integrates various techniques from different theoretical backgrounds (used accordingly to client’s needs) however my main core model relates to the one of the most researched therapeutic approaches such as:

     and CBT branches such as:


  • IPT (Interpersonal Therapy for Depression, Level A Certified) with consistent humanistic core conditions throughout a process; congruence (genuineness or realness), unconditional positive regard (acceptance and caring) but without neglecting a principle of accountability, and accurate emphatic understanding (an ability to deeply grasp the subjective world of another person).

   Every therapist varies in his/her approach so it is important for you to learn about them in order to make a right choice for you. You can read more about them here. Within these approaches therapists represent different personalities (and their expression of it in therapy) with different views on aspects of therapy such as neutrality, the level of self-disclosure or persuasion. Note that the mainstream view on therapy that it is passive, neutral, with therapist not showing one’s own personality/humanity and focusing solely on emotions is a myth. Therefore please read the tools I further use within my approach (click on active links for detailed information):

  • active/directive but empathetic approach,
  • goal – directed dependently on an issue,
  • solution focused,
  • cultural awareness and knowledge (experience in working with diverse cultures such as Irish, Polish, German, Croatian, English, American, Brazilian, Algerian, French, Indian, Lithuanian, Mauritian, Maldivian and other), 
  • confidentiality,
  • realness,
  • creativity and humour,
  • psychoeducation,
  • collaborative analysis and search for an understanding of a client psyche and life circumstances,
  • open and safe space for exploration of a wide range of topics,
  • non-judgement but striving for accountability needed for beneficial change, 
  • consistent support with encouragement in difficult moments,
  • constructive challenge and collaborative debate on thoughts, 
  • an open mind and welcoming attitude to everything you bring into the session,

   You can read about my clients experience of a therapy in the Testimonials section of this website or here.

   Choosing your own psychotherapist is very important. The relationship with your therapist is a key to your success. It is important for your therapy to feel connected with the therapist, to trust her/him, to feel safe within the space, to feel encouraged and empowered. Do not hesitate to raise your concerns, and also if you feel that therapy does not work for you please share it with me. However remember, a therapy takes time, takes ups and downs, and includes difficult emotions that you might feel to avoid including moments where you might not agree with the therapist. Yet this is a part of the journey. Your open feedback with the rapture/repair attitude are one of the most valuable tools that will help both of us to look at the psychological dynamics in a real time and grow from it. That is why I often repeat that WE ARE THE TEAM. I will do nothing without your openness and engagement, and the client will not benefit from the therapist not knowing about real feelings and discomfort. Therefore apart from the therapist factors such as collaboration, empathy, therapeutic alliance and positive regard playing role in an effectiveness of therapy (30%) the client’s factors are equally (and even a bit more) important for beneficial results (40%) and they include:

  • readiness for change (your sense of responsibility),
  • openness (readiness to explore and learn about your mind, its errors and biases, your history with curiosity),
  • engagement (willingness to be consistent with sessions, homework, feedback and exploration),
  • active participation (sharing ideas, insight, feedback),

  My work style may include giving a homework that includes: the mind exercises (CBT, DBT, REBT, Schema Therapy techniques, meditation), reading articles/books, recommendation of movies for a self-reflection practise, your writing (recommending keeping the notes), art techniques, questionnaires etc. All will be applied in your own peace, with no rush, with your collaboration and readiness for the next steps. The most important in all of that is your safety and comfort in the exploration of self and life you live on.

   I work from Monday till Friday from 12 pm till 8.30 pm (online/walk and talk).  I work with adults & youth (17+), teenagers 13+ are welcomed with parents to work on misophonia, tinnitus, hyperacusis or repetitive body behaviours issues.

   Please note that as a PSI Basic Grade Psychologist some insurance companies do not accept this level as a basis for your insurance claim or IACP Psychotherapy accreditation. That can depend upon your plan or internal requirements. Please check the policy with your insurance provider.

   Hope I will have an opportunity to meet you and become a part of your journey – for bad and for good.

   You come as a Client but we become the Team!

   Renata. With warm wishes.