CBT-how it works and is it for everyone?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) relates to a cognition and behavior used as tools for an emotional change. CBT model talks about emotions, thinking and behavior inter-influencing each other. So we can change emotions by using reconstruction of our thinking or by changing our behavior, or we can start from emotions if they are too high…

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psychotherapy and culture

Psychotherapy and Culture

Psychotherapy has different faces influenced by personal, cultural and context components. Today I will talk a bit about culture. The culture specific psychotherapy can be a very important aspect of its effectiveness. Even though a psychotherapy training mentions a need for flexibility and being culturally aware unfortunately practise and application takes a different road. During…

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Psychotherapy during a lockdown

We have a second lockdown in Ireland. The number of cases surge rapidly with a second wave across Europe. When will that end? Tiredness of uncertain future can bring a mental toll on mental health. Also isolation and loneliness for certain vulnerable groups can increase. Often people do not think about engaging in psychotherapy during…

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